Ecology Surveys

Cambridge Ecology provides a full range of ecology surveys from initial Ecology Surveys SurveyorPreliminary Ecological Appraisal to specific surveys for all British protected species.

Ecology surveys are carried out by experienced and professional ecologists, licensed to work with protected species who understand their ecological requirement.

Ecological Surveys

Our surveys use best practice methods (e.g. BS: 42020:2013, CIEEM ecological survey guidelines) to meet British Standards criteria. A background literature search of various biodiversity databases and biological records centres is compiled.

Where protected species are likely to be affected by a development, appropriate surveys will be required to assess short or long-term impacts. Early consideration of protected species in the project design process will avoid costly problems or delays at later stages.

Species Specific Ecology Surveys


Survey Timetable

Most ecology surveys are seasonally constrained, as shown in the Survey Timetable here:

Ecology Surveys survey_timetable

KEY: Dark blue = optimal survey period | Light blue = sub optimal survey period | No colour = no survey

When ecology surveys are scheduled on time and carried out by our experienced ecologists, they will not only save time and money for clients, but will help identify the most appropriate mitigation and enhancement measures too.

These surveys inform the planning process to help ensure development proposals are successful without contravention of wildlife legislation and meet planning policy requirements. If you have a question or just need a friendly consultation on any of the ecology surveys mentioned above don’t hesitat to get in touch, we are always happy to help and one of our dedicated team of specialists are more than qualified to deal with your query.

For more information on how we can help you, please get in touch or call 01954 231239.