With Cambridge Ecology’s extensive experience and knowledge, our detailed reporting helps clients Breeding Bird Territory Map: Cambridge Ecology carries out Breeding Bird Survey for Principal Species of Conservation Importance using registration mapping techniques.understand the actions they need to take and why, to meet their legal and planning obligations.

Our reports are rigorous quality-reviewed, providing clear and concise information, conclusions and recommendations, which are reasoned and proportionate in accordance with CIEEM report writing guidance.

Report production

  • Preliminary Ecological Appraisal reports
  • Local Planning Authority checklist completion
  • Scoping study production
  • Species-specific survey reports
  • Ecological Impact Assessment
  • Biodiversity chapter production for Environmental Statement
  • Species and Habitat Mitigation Strategies / Method Statements
  • Site-specific ecological and conservation management plans

Analysis and assessment

  • Phase 1 habitat mapping using ARCGIS
  • Ecological Impact Assessment using CIEEM best practise guidelines
  • Bat sonogram analysis
  • Remote motion detecting camera analysis
  • Distribution and behavioural analysis for birds
  • Windfarm collision risk assessment
  • Independent Ornithology ES review
  • Studies to inform Appropriate Assessment and provision of advice on the EU Birds Directive, Habitats Directive
  • Ornithology Impact Assessment
  • eDNA analysis for Great Crested Newt detection
  • eDNA analysis for Bat species identification

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