Planning and Development

Planning and Development – The ecological effect of any development, from small scale barn conversions to national infrastructure Planning and Developmentprojects, should be considered at the planning stage.

Through our on-site surveys Cambridge Ecology provides support in delivering ecological solutions for your project

It is imperative that the ecology constraints at your site are considered at the earliest possible stage. This allows time for ecology surveys and assessments to be undertaken during their optimal periods (see our survey timetable), reducing costs and minimising the risk of future delays due to inadequate information and challenges from third party objectors.

Cambridge Ecology assists its clients with all ecological planning issues on projects of Windfarm - Renewable Energy Industryany scale – from protected species surveys through to Protected Species licence applications and liaison with the licensing bodies (such as Natural England) – we also provide specialist input to Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), through the provision of Ecological Impact Assessment Chapters in Environmental Statements. We have nurtured good working relationships with the licensing bodies, local authorities and SNCOs and can work in partnership with all parties.

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