Habitat creation

Cambridge Ecology has substantial experience of using a range of tried and tested habitat creation and Habitat creation pond remediationrestoration techniques to ensure that consistent, first class wildlife habitat creation and restoration are produced and managed that meet client and wildlife needs.

  • Advice on feasibility and site suitability
  • Design, practical implementation, monitoring and evaluation of habitat creation and restoration
  • Habitat and species management plans
  • Site-specific ecological and conservation management plans

Mitigation for protected species and habitats

  • Provision of site Ecological Clerk of Works to supervise:Habitat Creation - Reedbeds
    • site and vegetation clearance works
    • habitat creation ground works
  • For impacts on bat roosts, flight lines, foraging habitat
  • Translocations of Great Crested Newts, reptiles and Water Voles
  • Breeding bird nest box design and siting
  • Bird collision avoidance measures
  • Design and implementation of mitigation and compensation
  • Installation of specialist ecological fencing such as drift and barrier fencing for newts and reptiles
  • Design and installation of nesting bird avoidance measures
  • Nesting bird searches
  • Design and creation of ponds and hibernacula for Great Crested Newts and aquatic invertebrates
  • Design and creation of rough grassland, refugia and
    hibernacula for reptiles
  • Design and creation of wetland habitats including lagoons and reedbeds for birds and wildlife in general
  • Design and creation of Water Vole ditches
  • Design and creation of species rich hedgerows
  • Design and creation of species rich meadows and grassland for terrestrial invertebrates

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